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Paper Id: IJCIRAS1524
Published in: International Journal Of Creative and Innovative Research In All Studies
Publisher: IJCIRAS
ISSN: 2581-5334
Volume / Issue: Volume 2 Issue 9
Pages: 6
Published On: 2/19/2020 4:37:09 AM      (MM/dd/yyyy)
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Name: Anagha Babu
Institute: Central University of Kerala
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Research Area: Other (Here is not mention field inform to IJCIRAS)
KeyWord: Tourism diplomacy, India's soft power. re-branding India
Abstract: The cultural and aesthetic assets of India have long been glorified and organised as initiators of tourist fascination. Roping in Steffi Graf as the ambassador for Ayurveda further enhanced the prospectus of medical tourism in India. The government and the bureaucracy now project tourism as 'an engine of growth '-an excellent source of foreign exchange and employment. Opposition to large-scale tourism projects by environmental and labour activists is often dealt with through undemocratic means. This article points to a less than sanguine role for tourism in the power balancing of a country and economy along with the dynamics that works to exaggerate tourism's share in the economy in an emerging context of governmental failure, political crisis and interest group consolidation. Involving the local self-governing bodies to promote the indigenous lifestyle and culture can give a head start with improving tourism. The glory and uniqueness of the Indian culture could be preached better through the tourists who are willing to engage as efficient cultural ambassadors. The image of India as a haven for leisure and traditional knowledge systems have been integrated through various tourism initiatives like Incredible India 2.0, UDAAN Regional Connectivity Scheme (helped in increasing tourism to remote regions) Hop in Hop Out buses popular in Delhi, Nagar darshan schemes in various Indian cities and involving NGOs and private investments in promoting regional tourism. The potential of tourism as a soft power is yet to be explored by India. The unrealized and unrecognized aura of tourism in determining the public diplomacy sphere with regard to India and the foreign policy initiations towards it would be analysed and scrutinised. The variants of tourism in popularity in India — heritage tourism, medical tourism, eco tourism, pilgrimage tourism, marine tourism, river tourism, educational tourism etc have proved to be efficient in a large scale to place India in the global tourist map. The paper aims to look at how can tourism be shaped, understood and executed as a soft power tool of India. The tourism industry though has flourished over the years in India, but unlike the south eastern nations in the neighbourhood, has failed to beckon the ones who had visited the Indian sub continent. The paper aims to look at how the prospectus of framing a clear tourism policy or agenda for India, that could develop and reshape the tourist outlook. The study will incorporate the means of secondary data collection — relying on official websites and interviews with private stakeholders in tourism sector augmented by suggestions and opinions of tourists.
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Anagha Babu, "How far is Incredible India", International Journal Of Creative and Innovative Research In All Studies, vol. 2, no. 9, pp. 20-25, 2020.
MLA Anagha Babu "How far is Incredible India." International Journal Of Creative and Innovative Research In All Studies, vol 2, no. 9, 2020, pp. 20-25.
APA Anagha Babu (2020). How far is Incredible India. International Journal Of Creative and Innovative Research In All Studies, 2(9), 20-25.
How far is Incredible India
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