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Past Issue : Volume - 1 & Issue - 3, Aug - 2018

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1029,   Pages : 1 : 5
Author Name : Hafiz Muhammad Quladuz Aziz, Dr. Rabya Aslam
Area of research : Chemical Engineering
PDF Url :
Abstract : Life cycle analysis is a technique utilized for assessment of impact of processes, products or an activity regarding their environmental load/burden during its life cycle. Now-a-day, LCA users are not...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1034,   Pages : 6 : 7
Author Name : Hina Samnani
Area of research : Philosophy
PDF Url :
Abstract : The basic idea of behind the scenes script is to summarize what goes behind your mind that all time keeps it weird way that we people tend less likely to reveal. The stickiness of something is what ma...

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