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Past Issue : Volume - 1 & Issue - 8, Jan - 2019

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1071,   Pages : 1 : 8
Author Name : Harmanjot Kaur
Area of research : Medical Education
Abstract : Hypertension is one of the most common causes of various diseases in the World and major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Mental or psychosocial stres...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1072,   Pages : 9 : 14
Author Name : Roopjot Kochar
Area of research : Medical Education
Abstract : The present study aims to determine the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and to evaluate the relation between two diagnostic criteria of the metabolic syndrome. The present cross-sectional study was c...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1084,   Pages : 15 : 21
Area of research : Religious Studies
Abstract : Islam believes that God is absolute and the sole master of man and the universe. The Almighty has given each human being dignity,honour and has given him His own spirit.Islam also believes that all h...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1073,   Pages : 22 : 29
Author Name : Zubair Ahmad Wani
Area of research : Supply chain management
Abstract : The study of consumer behavior is very essential in the field of marketing as it assists firms to develop smarter marketing strategies by getting an insight about what affects the decision making of c...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1092,   Pages : 30 : 34
Author Name : Sheikh Irfan Akbar
Area of research : Computer Science & Engineering
Abstract : Stock value prediction is one in every of the foremost wide studied and difficult issues that attracts researchers from several fields together with political economy, history, finance, arithmetic, an...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1101,   Pages : 35 : 40
Area of research : Computer Science & Engineering
Abstract : A spanning tree is a sub graph obtained from a connected graph which contains all the vertices of a graph. For a connected graph there may be many spanning trees. A minimum spanning tree of a weighted...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1099,   Pages : 41 : 43
Author Name : pravin makwana
Area of research : Education
Abstract : The word ‘Education’ has a very wide connotation. It is hard to define Philosophers and thinkers from Socrates to Dewery in the west and Yagnavalkya to Gandhi in the East have defined education in acc...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1100,   Pages : 44 : 48
Author Name : pravin makwana
Area of research : Education
Abstract : ABSTRACT : Educational Technology is a scientific technique of attaining educational objectives. The scope of educational technology is not limited to setting the objectives but it also...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1366,   Pages : 49 : 51
Author Name : Abdul Komar , Hayatul Millah
Area of research : Education
Abstract : The purpose of this study is to describe the effect of competence on teacher performance, the effect of school culture on teacher performance, and the effect of work discipline on teacher performan...

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