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Past Issue : Volume - 3 & Issue - 4, Sep - 2020

Paper Id : IJCIRAS1649,   Pages : 1 : 10
Author Name : Fahd Al-Shaghdari, Adewale Abideen Adeyemi
Area of research : Accounting, Banking
Abstract : The main objective of this study is to explore the determinants of Islamic credit card adoption in Malaysia. The study examines five main factors, namely, Perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1239,   Pages : 11 : 25
Author Name : Muhammad Saidu Aliero, Bilyaminu Isah Shamaki, Abdulazeez Muhammad Bello , Ibrahim abubakar , Bashar Umar Kangiwa
Area of research : Computer Science & Engineering
Abstract : SQL Injection Attack (SQLIA) is one of the most severe attacks that can be used against web database driven applications. Attackers’ use SQLIA to get unauthorized access and perform un-authorize data ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1243,   Pages : 26 : 43
Author Name : Muhammad Saidu Aliero, Bilyaminu Isah Shamaki, Ibrahim abubakar , Bello SHAMSUDDEN KALGO , Abdul-azeez Muhammad Bello
Area of research : Computer Science & Engineering
Abstract : SQL injection attack (SQLIA) is one of the most severe attacks that can be used against web database driving applications. Attackers use SQLIA to get unauthorized access and perform unauthorized data ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1572,   Pages : 44 : 47
Author Name : Mivanyi Raphael , Maliki D. Halidu
Area of research : Animal culture
Abstract : ABSTRACT This research work titled: prevalence of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis in Pregnant Women Attending State Specialist Hospital was carried out in Gombe State, a total of one hundred (100) samples o...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1651,   Pages : 48 : 55
Area of research : Sociology
Abstract : This article has attempted to map the health status of tribal communities of Odisha by analyzing various government reports on tribal health. Findings suggest that besides sex ratio, all other health ...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1655,   Pages : 56 : 61
Author Name : Mohammed AlRifai
Area of research : Statistics , Sampling Design
Abstract : A stratified sample design plays an important role in obtaining efficient estimators comparing with other sampling designs; it based on dividing the statistical population into independent and homogen...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1656,   Pages : 62 : 66
Author Name : Ohn Mar Lwin, Thin Lai Lai Thein
Area of research : Information Technology
Abstract : When utilization of vehicles expands, the number of fatalities due to car accidents increases. One of the principle reasons of most lethal crashes are results from Sudden Pedestrian Crossing (SPC). Th...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1657,   Pages : 67 : 76
Author Name : Khaing Khaing Lwin, Moh Moh Aung
Area of research : Education
Abstract : Abstract The main purpose of this study was to study the correlation between students’ affective variables and academic achievement in learning mathematics. Especially, this research aims to study stu...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1653,   Pages : 77 : 86
Author Name : Oboshenure Kingsley Karo, Francis Omonefe , Ogobiri Godwin
Area of research : Earth sciences & Allied Sciences
Abstract : 1D Resistivity and chargeability survey were conducted at a Fe enriched groundwater area and Fe free groundwater area in Yenagoa metropolis, Bayelsa state to investigate chargeability responses within...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1662,   Pages : 87 : 94
Author Name : Ananda Majumdar
Area of research : International Relations
Abstract : Socially, Politically, Economically, Environmentally, the world and its order for continuation are expecting to be changed after the post-COVID-19. Their role of internationalism will, of course, affe...
Paper Id : IJCIRAS1663,   Pages : 95 : 98
Author Name : Yomi Debo-Saiye, Henry Sunday Okeke
Area of research : Education
Abstract : Conventionally, the Nigerias education system is based on the 6-3-3-4 format whereby a year is used for pre- primary education, six years for primary, three years for junior secondary, another three y...

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